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Science Museum

One of the unforgettable attractions London has to offer is the Science Museum. Easy to find with the main entrance on Exhibition Road in South Kensington with affordable ticket prices and as you would imagine its own Museum app. This app is a tremendous tool that gives you an option to create a list of your chosen activities from o wide range that this amazing place has to offer. And trust me it’s a wise thing to do considering the fact, that you are choosing from galleries, exhibitions, interactive gallery, simulators and more. Take a tour in Einstein exhibition and get a grasp on general theory of relativity that completely revolutionized the understanding of known universe. Such an inspirational figure that influenced research of many philosophers, physicists, philosophers and even artists! You don’t have to fully understand the e=mc² but a little knowledge never killed nobody. Have you ever dreamed about exploring space? When visiting the Science Museum, you have an opportunity to observe a full-sized replica of “Eagle” the lander that took Neil Armstrong to the Moon in 1969. Afterwards you can discover how it is to breathe, eat, drink, and even use the toilet in space. If you are more interested in more scientific approach to the subject of space you can get some insight on the history of rockets just by admiring two of them suspended from the ceiling – British Black Arrow and American Scout. If you’re a parent of young curious about the world child it’s a great idea to take him to see the “Engineer Your Future” exhibition and inspire a potential engineer of tomorrow inside him. This interactive exhibition is designed for teens that are thinking about their future carrier, and it teaches to think outside of the box, solve problems, be creative. It also helps your brain to think about the big picture using different games and test systems. Apart from that there are inspiring films about engineer jobs, and the whole project is supported by National Grid, ABB, BT, Department of Business, IBM and many more. Another very interesting exhibition is the Robots. It takes us to an amazing journey from the beginning of mechanized human attempts to AI targeting smart robots. Dream of many scientist and a nightmare to others – to make a machine mirror human being. This exhibition is highly recommended by prestigious newspapers such as The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian or The Times. A cherry on the cake especially for youngsters is the IMAX Theatre that gives a realistic feeling of being inside of the human body or trying to survive in Antarctica. The Science Museum has a family friendly cafes and restaurants if you get hungry while visiting. There’s also a shop when you can buy an affordable souvenir from a stargazing telescope to a tech gizmo and more. You can be assured that visiting the Science Museum will be one of the wisest decisions you’ve made so far.

Exhibition Rd, Kensington,

London SW7 2DD, UK