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Enfield is London’s northernmost borough that has its administrative centre in Enfield Town, after which the borough is named. In total, there are over 313 thousand people living in the London Borough of Enfield and they dwell on an area of 31.74 square miles.

The first mention about Enfield came from the Domesday Book in 1086, where it was called Enefelde. There are two main theories as to the origins of this name: one says that the name means “Eana’s open land”, which implicates that the first part of the word comes from a person’s name. The other theory points to the fact that ean can be translated as “lamb” from Old English, which would see Enfield as “a field where lambs are reared”.

For the longest period of its history, Enfield Town was a small market town that eventually started growing – along with the growth of London itself. Eventually, both the town and the area surrounding it became residential suburbs of London, which was caused by the availability of fast transport to Central London from here (before the railway a journey from Enfield Town to London usually took all day).

Enfield is well known to anyone knowing something about armaments. The Royal Small Arms Factory in Enfield was the place where Britain’s most famous weapon – the Lee-Enfield rifle (.303 calibre) was mass produced. This rifle was in use by the British Army and colonial troops until 1957.

The recent development project of the Enfield Town was completed in 2007 – it was called PalaceXchange and it aimed at adding many extensions to the existing shopping area, without changing the original Palace Gardens Shopping Area.

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