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Embassies in London

Not going too deep to semantics term embassy refers to the building or premises occupied by diplomatic mission. It is a principle that the embassy is located in the capital of the state with which diplomatic relations are maintained or in the city which is the seat of an international organization. Embassies have many roles to play but for a foreign traveler it is necessary to know their exact location for their own safety and in case of loosing documents like passports or ID’s. Nobody wants these things to happen but it’s definitely better to be precautious than unprepared.

Australian Embassy

When speaking about the relations between United Kingdom and Australia, those relations have been variable and changing. After the World War II the relation between two countries were constantly changing. Until 1949 countries shared so-called nationality code, after that the constitutional ties ended with the passing of the Australia Act in 1986. The relations between…

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Canadian Embassy

Although Canada and United Kingdom appear to be completely different countries, they have a lot in common, which makes them being closely related to each other. The language, military history that they share, system of government and even the same monarch, relates them. Those are the features that connect Canada and United Kingdom. The difference…

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U.S. Embassy

The two nations who are tightly bound together are United States and United Kingdom; everyone knows that those two nations share resembling language, religion, history and legal system. The shared history dates back to the 18th century and particularly the American War of Independence, which parted the two similar nations. The US and the UK…

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Belgian Embassy

Belgium and UK are two huge and well prospering countries. The research show, that around 30,000 British people live in Belgium and the same number of Belgians live in UK. In the 10th century the export of wool from UK to Belgium begun. Belgium takes the sixth position on the list of the countries that…

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Chinese Embassy

The relation between United Kingdom and China may be not so obvious to many people but it is certain that China and UK have long history together. The peace relations date back to the Medieval Times. The relation between two nations was seen during World War I and World War II, in addition two nations…

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